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Discover the Best Coffee Shops Near Me - Smoking and Non-Smoking

The Best Coffee Shops Near Me - Smoking and Non-Smoking Options Available

Are you on the hunt for the best coffee shops near me? Look no further! Whether you're a coffee aficionado, looking for a cozy place to work, or simply want to grab a quick cup of joe, this article will guide you to the best coffee shops in your area.

Discover the Best Coffee Shops Near You - Smoking and Non-Smoking

Smoking Coffee Shops Near Me

For smokers, finding a coffee shop that allows smoking can be a challenge. However, some coffee shops still offer smoking areas, so you can enjoy your caffeine fix while indulging in your favorite habit.

In our search for smoking coffee shops near me, we found some great options:

  • The Smoking Dog Coffee Co: Located in Denver, Colorado, this coffee shop offers an outdoor smoking area where you can enjoy your coffee and cigarettes together.
  • Wild Joe's Coffee Spot: If you're in Bozeman, Montana, head to Wild Joe's for a cozy atmosphere and a separate smoking area.
  • Infusion Coffee & Tea: This coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona, allows smoking in their outdoor patio area.

The Best Coffee Shops Near Me

If you're looking for the best coffee shops near me , there are several factors to consider. From the quality of coffee to the atmosphere, these coffee shops stand out from the rest:

Coffee ShopLocationDescription
Stumptown Coffee RoastersPortland, ORKnown for its high-quality coffee beans and welcoming atmosphere, Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a must-visit in Portland.
Blue Bottle CoffeeSan Francisco, CAWith multiple locations throughout San Francisco, Blue Bottle Coffee offers unique blends and delicious pastries in a minimalist setting.
La Colombe Coffee RoastersPhiladelphia, PAThis coffee shop is known for its sustainably sourced coffee beans and its impressive latte art.
Intelligentsia CoffeeChicago, ILIntelligentsia Coffee's attention to detail and dedication to quality make it one of the best coffee shops in Chicago.
Sightglass CoffeeSan Francisco, CASightglass Coffee's open and airy space, combined with its excellent coffee, make it a go-to spot in San Francisco.

Cozy Coffee Shops Near Me 

Discover the Best Cozy Coffee Shops Near You

Sometimes, the atmosphere of a coffee shop is just as important as the quality of coffee. If you're looking for a cozy coffee shop to settle in with a good book or some work, these options are worth checking out:

  • Third Street Stuff & Coffee: This Lexington, Kentucky coffee shop is known for its eclectic decor and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to work or relax.
  • Good Karma Cafe: Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Good Karma Cafe is a cozy spot with friendly staff and delicious coffee, making it a great choice for a work meeting or catch-up with friends.
  • Bull Run Roasting Co: If you're in Minneapolis, Minnesota, head to Bull Run Roasting Co for a cozy spot with plenty of natural light and excellent coffee, making it an ideal place for remote work or studying.

Quirky Coffee Shops Near Me

If you're looking for a coffee shop with a unique personality and plenty of character, these quirky options are worth a visit:

  • The Wormhole Coffee: Located in Chicago, Illinois, The Wormhole Coffee's '80s theme and arcade games make it a must-visit for anyone looking for a fun and unique coffee shop, perfect for a casual meet-up or a gaming session.
  • The Spare Room: If you're in Los Angeles, California, head to The Spare Room for a coffee shop and bar combo that's full of surprises, from vintage bowling lanes to tarot readings, making it a great place for a night out or a special occasion.
  • Highwire Coffee Roasters: With multiple locations throughout Oakland, California, Highwire Coffee Roasters stands out with its bold decor and excellent coffee, making it a go-to spot for anyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing coffee experience or a social media-worthy photo.


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